A great tool to increase revenues and tap the potential online shoppers

Digitization and online shopping

 In this digital era, most of us like to shop online for our various needs. Be it grocery or medicines, apparel or electronics, we vouch for the several e-commerce portals that are available online. When we don’t have time to go to the market or the departmental store to buy something we can easily buy through the e-commerce apps in our smartphones. Using shopify apps for online shopping is easy and convenient. But, with more and more smartphone users relying on online shopping there is more increase in the number of window shoppers.

A common phenomenon that blocks revenues

 Shopping cart abandonment is a common phenomenon among online shoppers. This is one of the biggest threats to the e-commerce site owners. Even if they enjoy a good reach and app downloads among the target audience, abandoning cart brings a significant loss in revenues. The Baymard Institute located in Copenhagen, Denmark conducted a research and studied this phenomenon among online shoppers. The result showed that most of the customers don’t find it convenient to pass through the lengthy checkout process that many shopping sites offer. It is time-consuming and diverts the customers from their buying mission. The largest e-commerce portal in the world Amazon identified this issue and introduced “one click button” for easy checkout. This simple initiative made them earn millions of revenues.

Skip Cart for short and simple checkout

 Skip Cart is a mechanism that eliminates the lengthy process of checkout and shortens the route significantly. Once a visitor visits your site chooses a product, he will press the “add to cart’ button. As soon as he presses that button, he will be directly landed to the checkout page. This will save him a good amount of time and effort and if he is in genuine need of the product the customer will then and there click the button to make payment. Skip Cart is available in shopify apps and this new approach is welcomed by several Shopify users. This process is a convenient approach for the online buyers and also gives the retailers the opportunity to identify the most frequent buyers.