All about Bully Anniversary: How it keeps you safely connected?

Looking for a new gaming experience for your Android phone? Well, here are some really amazing highlights of the most loved game from the house of Rockstar- Bully Anniversary Edition.  This game comes with a whole new concept when we talk compare it with consoles and PC, as it is launched on the phones and tablets at an affordable price.

Bully on Androids and iOS will also include the Trusted Contacts of Google, which will allow you to keep an eye on or even to share your progress with your family and friends.

Bully: Anniversary Edition

Rockstar Games was in the top headlines around the year of 2006, by launching its game about a school going kid. The story revolves around the 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins, who is not really a bully but just a kid who was discarded by his family and the people. He is trying to take all the shady folks down at his new school. The game, however, proved to be another gem from the house of Grand Theft Auto.

bully scholarship edition for android

The bully scholarship edition for android comes with some really amazing console and enhanced gaming experience with support high-resolution displays and other-related graphics. You will be able to wander easily around the school premises and city. You can also get into fist-fights, complete several missions and build relationships. However, the age of the game shows various spots let it be the scratchy dialogue or even the clunky gaming mechanics- This is a big yet enticing game full of action and adventure that is still loved by millions of users even today.

Required Platforms and Storage: What all you need?

Bully the game on mobiles requires 2.4 GB of storage space along with 6th generation iPod touch and 4th iPad and above. Whereas talking about Android, the game tends to work on several devices running on the latest Android platforms. The game may be old and incorporates all the features from the Bully Scholarship Edition, but it is assumed that it will get a brand new life on mobile and related platforms.