Amazon Appeal Plan of Action: Get Your Amazon Account Back

In a normal situation, you can request Amazon on how much you like selling on their portal as it sounds upbeat. But, if your account is suspended, you have to provide certain concrete steps, to your Amazon appeal plan of action. In this you will have to address what actually went wrong with the seller account to be permitted back. You can make your case stronger. And investigators have to go through many emails like yours throughout the day. Ultimately, main interests of Amazon is to protect their buyer experience and ensure whatever goes wrong with your Amazon account does not repeat in the future. So, Amazon expects all the sellers to meet targets that they set as the non-negotiable access.  They are pretty sure about what type of sellers that they want. So, know if you in that group as well? If YES, then let us review how you can do right business with Amazon:

  • Do you get regular Performance Notifications aboutamazon appeal the quality and authenticity of your product inventory?
  • Is Amazon providing you fit over quality of the invoices when any inauthentic complaint is registered from any of your buyers?
  • Do buyer complaints of “Not as advertised” products or about condition of items that they get result in the removal of your deals and offers?
  • Are you missing performance metric targets such as Late Shipping Rates?
  • Did your supplier made you down with the poor quality of product, or do you experience one-off that will not happen again? Or you need to change the suppliers quite often?
  • Restrictions tighten up as processes improve over time. It’s the way of the Amazon world.
  • Do you source products from the unauthorized resellers of the branded items?

What does it mean for near future? That means you have to start making immediate changes. Suppose you have the bad supplier with bad invoices and documentation, it is time to let them go.

Product Quality teams have decided to suspend accounts where they earlier sent warnings. They‘ve cancelled the listings or demanded invoices on vague buyer product item quality complaints regularly. They insist on specific and detailed amazon appeal plan of action process and there’s no way of getting around this, unfortunately.


Amazon wants that you prove enough knowledge about the main causes behind the item quality complaints to make your point stronger.