Anavar- Oral Steroids with little Side effects

Oral steroids are mainly used by the people of the sporting industry (mostly bodybuilders and athletes) to develop the extra muscles without putting the same amount of hard work by exercising. It is a shortcut to gaining the ideal body mass required by them.

Normally, the use of steroids is discouraged in the area of sports as it gives the user an edge over its peers. The consumption of steroids enhances the nitrogenous retention or increases the number of red blood cells leading to more oxygen content in the blood hence providing the user with an advantage.  Indeed, participants having a positive test to these steroids are prohibited from taking part in competitions. The use of these drugs also have some disadvantages. In some cases, these drugs add the extra bulk to the body not by increasing the muscle rather by increasing the water retention in the body. In spite of these, some part of this oral steroid family is used medically and is available for use. One of such drugs, as seen by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals user reviews, is Anavar.


Anavar also was known as Oxandrolone, is an oral steroid which has been made synthetically. The drug is a synthetic derivative of dihydrotestosterone, the hormone that is present in males.  Anavar has a modification where the second carbon of the A-ring is converted to an oxygen atom.  It is one of the drugs which is medically approved for use in both male and female subjects without drastic side effects. In spite of all these positive factors for it’s the use, the drug it has not been adopted for use favorably due to its mild effects.

Effects of Anavar

The thought that the entire range of steroid drug would act in the similar function regardless of the type of chemical it originally came from is false.  Each drug has their own set of pros and cons so comparing it with other drugs of the same class was not advisable. Anavar consumption increases the energy by increasing the synthesis of phosphocreatine level in the body. The increase in the level of phosphocreatine leads to enhanced amounts of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy currency of the body. The enhanced level of the available ATP in the body which allows for maintaining spurts of energy required for a dash across the race track or lift weights.

Side effects of use

Anavar has almost no side effects than its popular used counterparts. It is mildly androgenic which does not cause acne. Acne is seen in the male during puberty which is caused by the hormonal changes occurring in the body. The use of this drug does not have any estrogenic side effects too.

Anavar is used during the cutting cycle and helps shed the fat. It does not lead to water retention in the body. It can be used for male and female athletes with ease without any harmful effects. The beneficial use of Anavar as recommended by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals user reviews is good but still, has to be used carefully to prevent any negative effect.