Bundesliga in the palm of your hands

Football is undoubtedly one of the world’s prominent sports with millions and millions of people of all ages playing it around the world. Football undoubtedly also has one of the largest fan bases in any sport. These fans are also known to be some of the most passionate and truest fans there is in any sport, creating fan clubs and gathering every time there is a live game as well as going to other cities to show their support for their teams, now that’s dedication.

There are just times however that you (an avid fan) cannot watch a live game due to unforeseen circumstances like you being stuck in the office for overtime during game day or you have important matters to attend to which made you miss watching the game live in the stadium or on television. Luckily enough, there are a few fellow fans that share your sentiment and they just happen to be app developers. Hence Live Football Bundesliga was created. An app that offers you all that you need to know during game day and more, with its comprehensive liveticker to keep you in the loop during the game. With this, you never have a reason to miss game day again.


Don’t miss out on the action

If for any reason should you miss a live game and can’t watch it, this amazing app will be your companion throughout the duration of the game since it offers you updates of the game in real time as it happens. From the plays to the scores to the penalties and even the commentaries about calls, you can all see it with the app. Why wait for your friends to update you (and at the same time make you jealous) from time to time when you have this app to accompany you throughout the duration of the match (as well as other future matches you might possibly miss).

Always be in the loop

If ever you need to know anything and everything about Bundesliga, this app is definitely for you. Aside from offering you live updates of the game; this app is every football fan’s dream since it also offers you daily news about anything and everything Bundesliga. Never miss out on the daily scoop about your favourite teams and players with the daily updates. These are sent to your phone via push notifications by the way.

Loads of precious content

Aside from those mentioned above, this app also has other content that makes it a must have app for any Bundesliga fan. You can view each of the playing teams’ stats to find out who is doing better than whom (hopefully it’s your favourite team) as well as the individual player’s stats. You can also watch videos of any past matches’ highlights and plays of the game as well as exclusive interviews with players and a few behind the scene footages. No, ladies, there aren’t any locker shower room footages though, sorry.

All in all, this app has everything a true Bundesliga fan needs in his or her life. And did we mention it’s free to download at the Google play store for any supported android device? Yes folks, this wonderful app is free to download for your personal gratification. This app is truly a must have app for any avid football fan and should definitely be on their phone or tablet so they have access to anything and everything Bundesliga, anytime, anywhere.