Choosing the Best Equipment for your T-shirt Printing Business

When starting a t-shirt business, the equipment you purchase will often decide the quality of products you will be able to produce. In order to create high quality products that will keep your customers coming back, you must start with the best equipment you can afford to buy.

The first thing you will need is a t shirt press. The most important product you will need is a heat press if you desire your final prints to have high quality color and clarity. The types of heat presses on the market include the clam type, swing press, and if you are planning on mass production, then you may wish to look at a pneumatic press. The clam type is small and will not take up too space, so if you are starting your business in your home, then this would be a good idea. The next one, swing press, will minimize the time you will spend as it is faster and more accurate. Of course, the pneumatic press is usually for large companies that mass produce hundreds of the same t-shirt.

After you have chosen your t-shirt press, the next thing you will need is a printer. You can choose from a laser or ink jet printer. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so it is truly a personal choice as to which printer you wish to purchase. Ink jet printers are less expensive and create bright color with vibrant contrast, however, the ink is not cheap. Laser printers have been acclaimed for creating prints which last longer without the color fading, but they are more expensive than ink jet printers.

If you are interested in vinyl, you will need to purchase a vinyl cutter. These can be expensive as well, so you will need to determine if you wish to start out with this style of t-shirt or wait until your business is doing better. However, if you have the funds available and want to ensure that you can beat the competition from the start, then this is a good investment.

It is important for you to do your homework and read more about the various products you will need to begin your business. This also includes the fabric you purchase. You want to ensure that the fabric is quality as well and will be comfortable. The more time you spend learning about the products the better chances you will have of purchasing the equipment you need right from the start instead of spending money on equipment that you may never use or will not use in the beginning.