Do you think, garment industry is a good platform for sales hunters?

My passion is to become a sales person, reason behind this motive is my dad. He was working as a sales rep for a reputed share market company, he use to share me lot of his success stories as my bed time stories. He used to say how the market is eagerly waiting for a sales call to discuss & say they are busy at work and also what are the best sale pitches he had in mind which he used to flip according to each customer in every call. I always get a special gift from my dad fortnightly, each gifts will be from the incentive for a new deal closed by him. I used to name that deal or customer to that gift & make it more memorable.

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Everything was going smoothly, until my dad changed to a new industry of sales. He wanted to enter into garment industry as it was a peace full sales job, there will be less pressure, target & supervision from the boss on the daily activity. I was getting the gift once in a while & there was not much success stories, so I got to know he was not making money like before, even he got that as well & tried to change into another industry. However the option that he got was very less & the pay was also was not matching what he was earning.

This was motivated me to make sure, I need to join in a sales job for a Garment company & prove my dad I am also a good sales person like him to make the same money he was earning on other industry within garment industry. Initially, I was selling men’s mesh underwear to the market & I was struggling a lot as this is a new brand to the market.

However, I had a gut feeling that mens mesh underwear will pick up & will have a drastic demand in the market, that day came very soon. I am leading ten member’s team & covering most part of Texas region as a Sales Head in the same garment company, & proved my dad I am good sales person.