Does No One Read The Sign These Days?


There are signs everywhere and not the metaphorical signs that predict the future or give us an indication of something bad or good is about to happen but the signs that are displayed on your everyday supermarket, the Led signs that are put up on the town’s square or the mall near the place where you work. Whatever the reason is people are always seeing signs, be it metaphorical or actual signs and it is up to them if they want to ignore them or take heed to them. The signs are there to help people find their way, find something that they could otherwise miss or could ignore , and then the signs are there to just make an effort of actually doing something to people in a good way. The most effective sign is something that will grab the attention of someone instantly and regardless of the emergency of the needs that they are in and that it will make them think and rethink their position on something and also bring awareness of certain social agendas in their society.

Presenting With A Cause

Ideally, when people are always ‘looking for a sign’ to do things or to make a decision chances are that there will not be a sign or there won’t be anything for them to cling onto and then make something of themselves. If they do see the ‘sign’ and it could be just a causal stroll in the park and a glance at the Led video wall on the billboard that would provide them with the appropriate idea as to the approach of what the actual thing that they need to do in order to make things work for their problem or issue at work or in their private issues.


It is very rare that there would be actual signs in the world that would make people believe on certain things and then having presented with the signs be able to interpret them and analyse their own situation based on those set of signs to make a decision in their lives.