Everything You Would Like To Know About E-Liquid Composition

E-liquid is also referred to be as smoke juice, which is nicotine based flavored liquid, used in electronic cigarettes in order to produce vapor. Users of electronic cigarettes inhale the vapor generated by heating nicotine based liquid for the purpose of getting pleasure from an actual tobacco smoking sensation. Almost all the e-liquids are usually composed of four main ingredients including favors, a carrier liquid and nicotine. If heat will be applied, then the carrier liquid will vaporize and allow you have benefit from that satisfying puff.  There are two different kinds of carriers utilized in e liquid namely Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. As both are non-toxic, they are safe for our human consumption.


Propylene Glycol is a PG based e-liquid that will give a stronger throat hit at the time of inhalation. It will reproduce pure flavor taste. Vegetable Glycol is a thick sweet and vegetable oil based liquid producing denser vapor cloud as compared to the PG based solution. Because of its sweet aftertaste, it will be employed just like a sugar substitute in several products. A blended PG as well as VG is suggested, because it will be lighter and smoother than hundred percent PG base. Furthermore, e liquid packs consisting of nicotine are offered in many different nicotine concentrations.  The level of nicotine in e-juice will be printed on packaging and it seems to be measured by a number of mgs of nicotine for every ml of liquid. If the strength of the nicotine is higher, then you will get a stronger feel of throat hit. With the intention to offer you an elaborate idea of different nicotine concentration in various e-liquids, here we have offered a list of appropriate nicotine levels utilized by various reputed e-liquid companies.

  • Nicotine concentration of about omg/ml: It will indicate that there would not be any nicotine in your mixture.
  • 6-8 mg/ml of nicotine: It will be the lightest level of nicotine included by the e-juice mixture. In case you would like to get pleasure from the vaping experience with the smallest feasible nicotine level, then opt for an e-liquid mixture that consists of low nicotine concentration.
  • 12mg/ml of nicotine concentration: It would be a comfortable level with regards to nicotine strength for those who want to get nicotine stimulation, yet aren’t heavy vapors.
  • 14-18mg/ml of nicotine concentration: This medium range of nicotine concentration is desired by former chain smokers.