Here are the fantastic designs of bong to give you the excellent smoking experience

Whether you are striving towards to enjoy the excellent smoking experience instead of cigarettes, bong can be the fantastic choice to go. Yes, bong can give you the feel of ecstasy when you have used. In most of the cases, smoking lovers like to use the bongs to enjoy the feel. Buying a bong is definitely the matter of personal preference and gaining all the knowledge of the existing features can take years of experience. Well, can be the right destination for enjoying the excellent smoking experience.

Varieties of bong designs

Apart from the material of bong, design also plays the crucial function in giving you the fantastic taste. Therefore, you should concentrate on such things too. Let’s see what are the different designs of the bongs that you can find in the market.

  • Carburetor bongs – If your bong is having a hole either in the middle or any other place, then it is known as the carburetor bong. Most of the people think like this kind of the bong offers the fantastic experience of smoking.
  • Straight tube bong – This is the simple design of the bong and it is available with the sealed tube with the stem and bowl on the side. Once you have filled the tube with the water and ganja, you can start to enjoy the experience.
  • Bongs in the beaker shape – Beaker bongs are so stable than the other designs, because they have the wide base. Here also the same smoking process is followed.
  • Round base bongs – Just like the beaker bongs, the round base is having the wide base with the comfortable mouthpiece.
  • Multi chamber bong – It is also referred as the recycler bong and it can also give you the fantastic feel of smoking experience. Compared to other bongs, they are so expensive to use.