Holiday Idea for Sports Lovers

Muay has become a very popular sporting activity, and very many people around the world want to learn it. The good thing about Muay training is that you learn how to use your body as a weapon. The best place to learn Muay is in Thai. There are several training camps with affordable cost. If you don’t have an idea on any, you can Google about Muay training, and you can confirm on their website if the camp is good for you. However, there are several factors to consider before selecting the best training camp.

 Factors to Consider When Selecting Which Muay Training Camp to Join

 Training Atmosphere

If you are serious about learning Muay, you definitely want to select the best atmosphere. For the best experience, I suggest a private session. This will be good for a starter because you have ample time with your instructor. After you get the basics, then you can book a group training session where you can practice with the other trainees.

Confirm Quality of the Trainers.

This information can be found on the website. You can read reviews from previous trainees then you will have a feel of what to expect. You can also read on the website and find out the experience level of the trainers as most of them will give details of how many years they have been training people.

Confirm if you will Get Quality Muay Training Partners

The first session, your trainer will be your partner. But remember he also needs to access you and to do so; you will need someone to practice with. From the website, you will find out the quality of training partners, or you can read about the experience on websites of different online forums.

Convenience or Ease of Access

This depends on where you live. You might choose to continue staying in the hotel, or if there is a boarding facility at the training camp, you can book and live there if it’s convenient. However, remember you want to get the most from the training. Therefore, the choice you make should be the most convenient. Staying out of town during the training might inconvenience you because traffic in Thailand towns is slow during peak hours like early morning and late evenings.

Gym equipment

You must confirm that the Muay training camp offers quality equipment as you need to do physical exercises. Although most fighters don’t confirm this first, you don’t have to incur extra cost looking for gym facility.

Cost of Training

There are different rates offered for Muay training. The information is shared on the website, but the average rate is $1250 for all-inclusive training which will take three months but without accommodation and food.

Muay training at  is a good idea if you want to learn something extra over your holiday. It is always a good idea to take time and learn more about Muay training in the different websites before enrolling. You will find all the essential information like what different packages they offer.