How to hack a Facebook account using the password reset method?

There are many softwares and applications that are available and can help a user to hack a Facebook account for personal or official reasons. There are situations when online help or any software cannot provide work according to our choice. In that case you can make use of forget password method in order to hack your Facebook password and it might work miracles for you. This is not much common method and if you are looking to know how to hack a facebook account using the password reset method, then you must read on. This method will help you hack any of the Facebook account easily.

Facebook password hacker

Here are some steps to use this method effectively.

  • Step1: You must visit the Facebook page and enter the user id of the targeted account. Tap on the forgot password link.
  • Step2: There will be a new popup on your screen where you must enter the username of the target user.
  • Step3: You will see a page to reset your password for your Facebook account. There is also an option to opt the email and reset via email.
  • Step4: there will be a security code sent to the registered email id, so you must enter this on the space provided to reset password. But this is possible only if you have access to the email id.
  • Step5: if you know and have access to the registered mobile number of that user then you can even set password reset instructions to the mobile number.
  • Step6: once you enter the exact security code then you will see a new pop up on Facebook page. Enter a strong password and click on continue.
  • Step7: Once the password is changed, then Facebook will log you out of all the devices and then you must login with the new credentials. Now you can make all changes to the settings of the user account and it will be hacked.

If you do not have access to the mobile and or email address then you must make use of applications that will help you hack Facebook account.