How to Negotiate for Your Preferred Used Car at Your Own Price

The experts have some tips on how you can lower the price of used cars in Salinas you aim to buy while you negotiate with the sales personnel. Here are the best tips to consider:

You must not negotiate

It’s a wise move to leave the dealer with your preferred rate. Tell them that you will sign the documents once they are able to hit your targeted price for the car. You can politely decline any other offers; just leave your mobile number and leave the dealership. If they find the price realistic in their end, they will call you.

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You may follow up strategically

It’s better to do a follow up every Saturday or Sunday before closing time. Call and request to speak to the sales clerk or the manager you have spoken to in the past. Remind them that you’re a buyer and that you would appreciate their honesty if they tell you right away if they can give you your preferred rate or not. If your offer is acceptable to them, they will be compelled to accommodate you for one more deal before the day ends, especially if it’s one of the bad weeks in the dealership.

Follow up when the weather is bad

A major snowstorm, a windy or rainy day has adverse effects on car sales. You can call the manager of the sales person and remind that you’re willing to drive down to the dealership if they can give you the car with the price you prefer. The fact that they’re not selling well that day might compel them to give in to you.

Follow up on the last day of the month

The last day of the month is often a good day to follow up since the sales personnel and managers are always on the lookout for one last deal before the month ends. A deal that normally would be shelved or ignored on the 25th day of the month may be accommodated on the 30th if the expectations or quota has not been met.

Be sure of the car’s worth

There are great resources online that can help you find out the retail and wholesale or trade-in value of the used car you intend to buy.

Don’t focus on the monthly payment alone

The sales person will often keep you focused on the monthly payment only. Look into the total cost of the car and that includes the financing involved.