How to print from your tablet

There are many devices people use for different reasons these days. However, in any case, there are many people who need to get the print from different devices which are used by them. The data such as an email is generally accessed from devices such as a smartphone, tablet, and laptop. The majority of these devices is used with Wi-Fi and hence to get a print out from such devices one must set the printer accordingly. Many times, one has to face various issues while asking a print from the tablet. Here are some steps provided that can be much helpful to resolve the issues if one cannot get printed the prints from the tablet. In this issue, one needs to know the operating system of the tablet first and try to set the printer according to the concerned system.Here are some steps that can help you know how to print from your tablet.

1.Issue while getting prints from iOS: There are many users who prefer to use the iPhone and such other devices from Apple which include iPad also. All these devices function on the operating system provided by the company which is known as iOS. On these devices, if one wants to have a print out of some data it can be done with the help of Air Print support which functions wireless. Usually, the modern printer from different manufacturers, support the prints from this operating service also, but if one uses an old printer,then it may not be able to support it. To have the printer on the Air Print support, one needs to go for an application that can function as a medium between the printer as well as the system to transmit the data and print it.

One needs to download the application on the system first and feed the data of the system as well as the printer. Once the data is fed, one needs to go for a test print page and see if the printing is done or not. However, before going for application and all one needs to download the printer drivers on the system as without drivers one will not be able to get the task printed.

2.Printing with Android system: For the users of the devices with Android, to print the task is very simple. One can do it with the help of the Google Cloud Print option for printing. One can get this application downloaded from the Google Plays store without any charge. Once the application is downloaded, one needs to go to Google Chrome and set it on the system. Here one needs to go to the Menu option where one can see an option for settings. In the settings option, there is another option titled as Advanced Settings. Here one needs to click on manage and attach the printer to the system. It will show in the printer option where one can also make it as a default printer. Once the system shows, the printer one can try to print a test page and check. The drivers of the printer are a must before going to these settings.Now the printing can be done and if there is any issue one just needs to ask an expert.