Ugly truth of meeting someone new over internet:

Meeting with new people through various dating services has become popular these days. A survey was conducted in 2013 and it was concluded that almost 77% of people consider online meeting and then dating as the most important part before starting any relationship. The popularity on online dating has driven by several things but the major factor is “time”. Browsing profile online saves lot of time and the messaging features allows to do most of the conversation before meeting, hence one can make a decision whether to meet the match or not beforehand only. But just meeting someone online and trusting him is not a good idea. There are many apps which are fake and can put you in a big trouble. Virtual connection cannot tell you who is behind the computer screen.

Some disadvantages of online dating:

  1. People can lie on their online profile: you can find many online profiles where people have just exaggerate about themselves whereas in reality they are nowhere near to it. It is almost impossible to find an honest profile. Well, the fact is all want to be appealing and be popular and for that they might lie about their looks or age. According to survey it’s the women who generally lie on their profile about themselves, it can be for safety reasons or for getting more profiles and finding a match.
  2. Online relationships don’t last for much longer: most of the online dating remains till the computer screen and there no actual meeting of the two people. In few cases there are meeting and the people also fall into love, but the love don’t last for longer time, this can be due to difference in opinion or some lie said by any one person. According to a research 28% of the relationships that started online tends to break within a year. Couples who meet online are nearly 3 times as likely to get divorced as couple that meet offline.
  3. Makes you judgemental: online dating service provide you with many profile options, you can choose from the entire pool of profile. This is good as you have many options to choose the best out of, but this also makes you picky and judgemental. Reviewing multiple candidates can make you choosy and sometimes greedy also.
  4. Communication: communication through computer lacks the personal touch which can happen in face to face meeting, hence it is harder to evaluate a potential match online. Online dating can be unemotional and artificial.