What is IPTV? How it works?

Internet Protocol Television is a new invention in the digital television world. Here the digital television services are delivered using Internet Protocol through internet. Usually television series are delivered through the medium of cable and other digital formats. Here the video and television channels are processed and broadcasted into the television through broadband connection. Videos are streamed and encoded into Internet Protocol packets and transformed into internet path by means of set-top box and the subscription service. IPTV is designed to work with the Triple play service. It means that the system is carried with VoIP and internet access. Triple play service refers to the services that are accessible to watch TV, browse internet and make calls using VoIP. The service provider uses the closed network infrastructure to obtain the best service.

live streaming

Thus Quality IPTV supports both live broadcasting and buffered broadcasting. This is technically called as multicasting and unicasting. So, to receive the signal of IP network, one has to connect their television with the set-top box. Thus video is compressed in the format of MPEG, where they transport stream via live television multicast or unicast. Also, multicast delivers video content to various users simultaneously and unicast need to deliver content specifically for each user. As we know that IPTV works with the help of IP packets, the basic protocol used in the IPTV forecasting are

  • HTTP – Used to communicate with the server and computer to transfer data.
  • IGMP – To connect television with the multicast stream, IGMO is used.
  • RTSP – This protocol is used when unicast service is on demand of service.

IPTV technology is the advanced method apart from using several traditional cable and satellite TV. Thus some of the advantages of using IPTV are

  • It is easy to integrate IP based service with high sped network.
  • It is hassle free because of not using cables with the system or television.
  • It enables people to view live and pre-recorded TV channels over subscription.
  • People can have huge option of choosing what they need to watch.
  • IPTV is robust, cost effective and highly scalable.

Since IPTC is getting more popular with the technology, it has huge other advantages which makes this technique most wanted.