Blake C. Goldring is the Canadian business leader, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He is also chief executive officer and the chairman of the AGF management. The management is organized as an independent Canadian based investment management compact and also serving institutional investors and retails since 1957. Under the leadership of blake goldring Toronto, this management has been grown to approximately $33 billion in 2015. He is also the chairman of many Canadian companies. He is also in the part to bring together the community leaders across Canada in order to support the Canadian military and also their families.

Initially after his graduation, he joined in the Bank of Montreal (BMO). At that bank, Goldring worked in international bank, then corporate banks for five years. In 1987, he left the BMO and started his career in AGF. Initially he worked as an analyst on the Japanese investment collection. In 1991, the responsibility of Goldring is increased to develop the AGF international advisor company limited in Ireland. In 1994, he was promoted as a head of the sales and marketing for AGF.

In 1997, he was promoted as a chief operating officer and the president of the AGF after three years he was named as a chief executive officer. In 2006, he was appointed as chief executive officer and the chairman of the AGF.

Under goldring, the firm acquired the wealth management firms, which includes the Global strategy Holding, Doherty & Associates Investment Counsel, FFCM, Cypress Capital Management, Acuity and High street Asset Management. During the same period, the company also built the Trust company. Goldring also oversaw the 2002 merger, of the NCL investments into Williamson and Smith, a London and UK based wealth management firms.

As a chief executive officer and the chairman, Goldring has led mainly the development of the four considered investment platforms at AGF in order to expand the forms client base to include more and more high net worth investors and more institutional and also the diversity from its mutual fund origins. All these four platforms focus on the private client, alternative investment management, institutional and retail.